Surface Treatment

Chipboard boards are usually surface-treated in a dual way. It is either laminating, which carries the advantage of much more colorful variety, or veneer. The veneer preserves the appearance of the wood, but the amount of shades is smaller, which is due to the nature of the wood itself. No one has yet seen the violet light oak, while the laminated in the light of violet is not a problem to produce. Veneer is also slightly more fragile and more prone to damage. On the other hand, who is suffering from natural materials or wants to have the equipment in the cottage whole in a rustic style, certainly will prefer venised variant.
Select Assemblies not only by color
Color design is certainly important to you, but do not forget about the useful features. Many models are produced in more colour variants, or can be ordered directly on request. The experts in the bedroom store will certainly advise you.

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